The world is a big place. You might think that if you have a fairly unusual name, like Jan Berkowitz, that you could be relatively certain of ranking in the #1 position on internet search engine results for your own name if you decided to launch an business or take up a career in the public eye. If so, you're in for a news flash. As you can see from the results generated for a search of any one name, such as Jan Berkowitz, there are multiple people and organizations claiming this name that you'll have to compete with. (On a side note: if you want to know what 'search engine results' mentioned above are all about.

Using Jan Berkowitz as an example, one of the returns you will see is a profile for an energy company executive called Jan M. (or Jan Michael) Berkowitz. This Jan Berkowitz has had twenty five years of working with government departments such as the Department of Defense as well as private energy companies in the Fortune 500 lineup to get his name in the news. Between his achievements at work and his dedication to helping charities like St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, Jan Michael Berkowitz is in the news a lot.

This Jan Berkowitz may be the most prominent example of his namesake, but he is far from the only one represented on the internet. There is also a Jan Adrienne Berkowitz who writes press releases about real estate on the internet. Further searching of the name will also turn up an award-winning contemporary artist from Los Angeles, Jan Bella Berkowitz, who uses the internet to publicize her artwork. And finally, there is a fourth listed who works as a buyer for Neiman Marcus. And that's just the first page of the internet search results.

So as you can see, no matter what your name is you're going to run into some trouble when it comes to branding yourself on the internet. It is easy to tell the Jan Berkowitzes apart online. One is about clean energy and charity work. One is about writing and real estate. Another about art. What will your gimmick be? Will you be the Jeremiah Huntington who runs a cat shelter? The next designer clothing line? The one who blogs about baseball? The one who offers parenting tips? To figure out who you should be online, search yourself and see what turns up. You may be surprised.

Jan Berkowitz News has plenty of tips for you on how to make a name for yourself on the internet, or make it into the "Jan Berkowitz news feed" as it were. Whether your name is Jan Berkowitz or something else, we can teach you to create a web presence and move to prominence for your name results on the internet, whether it's to help your career as an actor or artist or to help your business gain an internet foothold.

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