No matter what type of animal you might be, from a spider that lives in the desert to a person living in a rainforest, you have physical and biological characteristics that you have inherited from your parents and other members of your family. The study and science of heredity is known as genetics and there are people working towards finding out more about us in this way all over the world. You might have heard of DNA and know that it is responsible for the color of our hair to some of the diseases that we could get in our lifetimes. But here is a little bit more about what genetics are really all about.

A human being has about 50 trillion cells in their body and in those cells are more than twenty thousand different genes. Genes come together to form molecules called DNA, which is something that most of the people living in Scarborough real estate or across the world in Spain would have had at least heard about. Genes come together into a genetic code, which is sort of like a recipe for the sort of living organism that you will be. Everything that grows and dies that you see out in the wild or inside your home has a genetic code and there is a certain sequence that makes a human being.

Genes tell the cells in your body how to function and which traits to adopt. Your DNA is arranged into what is known as chromosomes and how many you have determine much in what type of species you are. Human beings usually have forty-six chromosomes arranged into twenty-three pairs. If you have ever watched shows like Animal Planet at your home then you might have noticed how similar humans are to some animals like chimpanzees. This is because we share 98.5% of the same DNA. All humans share the same 99.5% of their DNA. barn painting company are proud sponsors of

One set of chromosomes is known as a genome and there are three billion base pairs in each. This is what can make us different from other people. Two people who both run business' might have similar base pairs that make them good at cooking and management. But they may differ extremely when it comes to their appearance and many other traits. Technically, our differences were all originally mistakes when the genome split to make new cells. They changed something in one of the base pairs and that is what made the differences that we see with people. This is why we can trace human history down to one region or set of people even if now we all look so much less alike.

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