With the economy still recovering and many people in precarious positions with regard to their incomes, some home buyers are looking for corners to cut that will reduce their expenses when it comes to buying a home. You may do away with the need for a real estate agent, draw up your own paperwork, even save up the full price of the home so you won't need to pay the bank for a mortgage. But one thing you should never do is dispense with the home inspection. Many homes can look fine on the outside but be hiding expensive problems on the inside.

What your home inspector is really giving you is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home isn't going to fall apart around your ears. Even if you're a decent handyman and you've had some experience with renovations, don't assume you can recognize all the potential issues that could arise from a home. Home inspectors are trained to compare the home's crucial elements, such as structure and roof, with the local building codes, both for reasons of safety and for legal reasons - you can be sued if something goes wrong and you knew about it but didn't fix it.

If your home inspector sees evidence of a pest infestation, he or she may recommend a follow up pest inspection in Ann Arbor. While home inspectors can recognize the presence of pests, it takes a trained exterminator or pest inspector to determine the extent of the infestation and develop a plan for fixing it. If the inspector finds that there's been a lot of damage from the termites, rats, squirrels, bed bugs, or mice living in your home or that getting rid of them will require Herculean effort, she is essentially saving you from buying a money pit. Wait! Who is Hercules, you ask?

Likewise, if your home inspector finds evidence that there is a water problem in the home you're looking to buy, he may recommend you get a mold inspection. Omaha, Nebraska homes that leak for example, whether the leak is through the roof or the basement, can become breeding grounds for harmful or even toxic molds that can cause or aggravate respiratory illness in the people living in the home. Getting rid of molds often means ripping out the walls they are growing inside in addition to fixing the leak. Mold problems can also be caused by poor ventilation in attics, bathrooms, and kitchens.

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