While we all assume that we'll have a future, very few of us actually go so far as to plan for it. Mostly we assume that it will all work out somehow, but the secret to having things work out is to make contingency plans. Do you know what you'll do if you lose your job? Where will you turn if your house payments become too much? How will your family cope if something happens to you? This article will help you learn to answer these questions and give yourself and everyone around you more peace of mind.

Backup Plans

While most of your future planning should be financial, it never hurts to keep the numbers of some helpful organizations nearby should you need them. During times of crisis, it can help to know a good credit counseling service, a charity that offers help to the destitute, a food bank, how to apply for unemployment insurance, and an online classifieds site where you can sell some of your used woodworking machines to tide you over. Always keep your resume up to date just in case you need to go job hunting on short notice.


Your job will cover you if you are injured while working, but what if you get hurt at home? Do you have medical insurance that will cover it? You should supplement your government health insurance if you can. Always take out insurance policies on your home, whether it's a home you own or one you rent, to protect your belongings. Car insurance is a must, and life insurance is always a good idea, especially if you have people who depend on the income you earn, such as a spouse or kids.

Rainy Day Savings

Living hand to mouth is never a good idea if you have another option. Make sure there's enough money left over after your mortgage and other payments to put some away for a rainy day. You never know when you will need to pay for unexpected car repairs, travel on short notice to see a dying relative, or replace an expensive item someone has accidentally broken. This isn't money you spend on a vacation or new toy - it's to be saved for an emergency.


Everyone looks forward to the day when they don't have to peddle Mississauga homes for sale to buyers anymore, but unless you want to try subsisting on the pitiful government old age pension, you'll need to have enough tucked away to see you through those years. The more you save the more comfortable your lifestyle will be, so start early and make use of investments to watch your savings grow.

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